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  • Why should I buy this light over others?
    Quality and customer satisfaction are a top priority! We will always do what's right and delight our customers! Our anti-glare lip is a differentiator. It blocks the view of the actual LEDs so that the focus is on the picture. This feature also allows our light to be placed above OR below a piece which is helpful to avoid a glare on pictures with glass or resin. It's rechargeable. No cords, hard-wiring OR throw away batteries. High CRI (80) and 3000 Kelvin color temperature used to enhance the colors in a painting. Retractable arm and swivel allow directing the light as desired. This feature is especially helpful for large/thick frames.
  • My light isn't turning on. What do I do?
    First, make sure you have done an initial charging of the light (roughly 6 hours) until the light turns from red to green. Second, move the slide switch on the end of the light to the right or left to turn in the ON position. Once illuminated, use the remote to turn the light(s) On/Off or to adjust the brightness settting. If your light is still not working, please call or email us to return your light for a full refund or receive a replacement if you are not completely satisfied. We offer a full one year manufacturer warranty. Phone: 1.705.977.2639 Email:
  • How long does the light work before needing to recharge it?
    15 to 25 hours based on brightness setting.
  • What Kelvin colour is the light? How do I know it's right for my artwork?
    3000 Kelvin & 80 CRI (colour rendering index). We researched the best colour temperature to enhance the beauty of art.
  • Will the base in the wall become loose after the light is removed for charging?
    No. Our engineers have determined the right drywall screws and magnet strength so that your light can be installed and removed as much as needed for charging purposes.
  • How do I install the light properly?
    Please download the Quick Install Guide on the top right of this page for complete instructions.
  • My question isn’t listed here…
    We'd love to clear up any unanswered questions you might have. Simply fill out the form to the right of these FAQs or drop us an email:

Arm2Aim LED Lighting

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